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What is a financial rights organization?

HIFI is a community of creators and their allies collectively striving to achieve financial transparency and independence through education, advocacy and technological innovation.

What does HIFI membership offer me?

Everything HIFI does is in the service of improving the financial wellness of its members. That includes fostering a robust community with events and workshops where members can learn and collaborate. To providing personalized financial products and services that work in concert with our members' existing music services to feature comprehensive insights, and faster, more consistent cash flow payments.

How do I qualify for membership?

All are welcome to apply, and anyone who earns income from music royalties is a good candidate to join. HIFI is focused on the financial health of music professionals and provides a community, technologies and services that are designed with that in mind. New members are accepted on a rolling basis. There is no charge for membership.

What is HIFI’s mission?

HIFI was founded by a team of industry veterans and technologists with a shared passion for music and a deep respect for the artists who create it. While the digital revolution of the past two decades has brought innovation to many areas of the market, the financial solutions available to music professionals and their teams remain relics of the past – keeping artists at a perpetual disadvantage. HIFI’s mission is to empower its members with the support and solutions they need to achieve financial transparency and independence.

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Can I learn more about HIFI?

Of course. Whether you have questions or would simply like to keep up with us, we’re here to support you.

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